Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Little artists... so inspiring!

59 out of 80 required pages so far.  Keeping it going! ^_^

Cutest thing happened at the Oakland Zoo this past Monday.  Aaron and I were camped out in front of the alligator pen and sketching and this little guy (couldn't have been more than 8 or 9) comes running up with his own pad of paper and pencil, plops down, and starts drawing too.  I peer at him curiously and watch for a few moments, look up and see his mother standing behind him.  She smiles and says, "yeah, that's just his thing".  Was really awesome to watch.

Enjoying watercolors more and more; think I might unbind my sketchbook and replace the remaining pages with watercolor paper.

Anyways, sketches over the past couple of days below.

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  1. That's amazing, Ed! Thanks for sharing the story. :D Love your pages too. I hope the professors love your sketchbook, too, 'cause you definitely deserve some recognition for your persistence. :)