Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July Fireworks, Egyptians and Oracle towers

Just some more sketches from the week.  4th of July was a lot of fun; my sister is in town with her family and we lit some small fireworks before heading out to see the big ones.  Did some tree studies in my parents backyard during the bbq as well.

Thurs, Andy, Taylor, Jon and I hit the Egyptian museum in San Jose.  It's gorgeous there and tons of stuff to draw.  Definitely going to have to return.  I didn't actually draw/paint anything on the grounds but there was a beautiful building across the street which happened to be a junior high school that I had to paint. =)

Today I started a sketch of Grey sleeping but he woke up midway.  Had an opportunity to do quick landscape of the Oracle buildings too as I was parked at the farmers market near my parents house. ^_^

Another kinda cool thing was the quick watercolor I did of the Silver Creek Sportsplex.  They liked it so much they asked to use it as their cover for their facebook page. ^_^
You can see it here:

Sketches of the week below:

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