Sunday, June 10, 2012

BFA Sketchbook! First couple of pages

Been having a lot of fun with my sketchbook over the summer thus far.  Got one zoo trip under the belt and been playing with watercolor quite a bit.  Picked up Weatherly's Guide to Drawing Animals so hopefully zoo trip #2 will be a breakthrough. ^_^

Below are the first few pages of my summer sketchbook so far.  Hoping to see lots of improvement over the next 100!



  1. Your watercolors are looking great. Last one looks amazing.

  2. I like the rabbit, giraffe and the turtle page!!!! and the water colors are awesome XD

  3. Edric, I think you should consider adding the title, "badass," to your name 'cause these pages are tight! :D

    Also, I have a De Young sticker in my sketchbook, too, and in the same spot, lol. XD

    Keep it up, man! Can't wait to see it in person...if I ever get to see it. XD