Wednesday, October 30, 2013

2013 Fall Semester *GIANT SIZED* Update

Been a long while since the last update!  In fact, seems like the last time I updated was before the end of last semester before summer.... woops!

So the artistic highlight of the summer was spending 2 weeks at CSU Summer Arts taking the Dreamworks Animation course under the tutelage of PDI Dreamworks's animating director, Rex Grignon, and SJSU's irrepressible David Chai.  It was incredibly intense, with the 20 of us working 15 hour days for our entire 14 day stay.  Our goal was to come out with a 6-8 second professional level shot that we can use in our demo reel.  We learned acting tips from professional actor, Todd Warring who spent the first two days with us, helping iron out our story and then it was game on.  We also played a lot of frisbee and frisbee golf.

And here's the shot that I came out with titled, " I Need a Bigger Drink."

The other art piece I worked on during the summer was a cake topper for my good friend Jei and his beautiful bride Yen.  I love magicsculpt!  =)

The rest of the summer was filled with lots of family time and rest.  It was a pretty epic 3 months. =)

Now onto school!
It's been a really busy semester so far, filled with lots of animating!  I'm taking advanced 3d animation, a physics of animation class and a short film course.

These are the two shots I've done in 3d animation thus far. =)

What I've been most excited about is the short film that we've been working on called "Jimmy Loves Juice" which was conceptualized and being directed by Dave Yee.  I landed lead animator for this film so I help oversee the other animators' shots and give advice and tips on how to get everyone's animations to feel like one cohesive project.  All in all, our team is kicking much ass and I'm so excited to see this film done!  Currently all our pencil animation is done and we are now in the cleanup stage.

Some of my pencil animations for JLJ:

And just for fun:

And last but not least! =)  Grey loves Jimmy Loves Juice too!

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