Sunday, January 13, 2013

from Concept to Finish: Part 1

One of my closest friends from high school got married this past Saturday and he and his beautiful bride requested that I make a cake topper for them.  It had been awhile since I've made my last one but I was especially excited and honored to make this one. ^_^

Before I get to this most recent topper, just a quick look at the ones I've done before so I can get them all consolidated in one place. =)

My very first topper was for my friends Aimee and Kong.  Aimee wanted to incorporate their little pug Spike into the piece.  Part of the fun of making these is all the little personalized touches you can add. ^_^  I remember doing a couple of sketches.. various ideas on how to suit Spike's playful personality.  We had him peeking out from under her dress, perched on their shoulder, but ultimately settled on him tugging on her dress as they were walking down the aisle. =)

My second topper was for Tenh and Derek.  They met through volleyball, she loves penguins and gerber daisies. ^_^

Another high school buddy of mine asked for a cake topper for his wedding as well. ^_^  
Dan and Linda are a fun loving couple who enjoy traveling.

And two others for some hockey friends of mine. ^_^

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