Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Long Road... of animating

Just some links to the pencil tests I've done thus far in ANI 114.  We're up to the basic walk cycle which will be followed by a personality walk and then the flour sack pantomine!  I've included a link to one of my friend's pantomine that she did last semester.  If mine is even half as comparable as hers, I'll be quite happy. ^_^

Brick Drop Test:

Sack Drop Test:

Paper Drop Test:

Water Balloon Drop Test:

Walk Cycle (Basic) with Overlapping secondary action Test:

Nicole Chen's awesomeness Sack Pantomine, I only hope mine can be as evocative!

I also participated in a 24 hour animation contest with 4 of my friends/classmates.  We didn't place but it was a great learning experience.  Basically we had 24 hours to complete a 30 second animated short about a topic that we were given day of.  In hindsight we wouldn't have had 6 different backgrounds and so much hand animation.  Planning goes a long way. =)  Anyways, without further ado:

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