Friday, August 3, 2012

78... 79... 80!!! and beyond. =)

Oakland zoo again this past Monday where I hit the required page number for our BFA sketchbooks.  I must say, it did feel really good. =)

Unfortunately, I had my page 80 built up in my head that it needed to be something epic and it really fell short.  Probably just trying too hard. Ahh well.  And to top it off, once I hit that page on Monday, my lust for drawing kind of faltered for a few days.  But picked up my tools today and hit the Hakone Gardens in Saratoga with a good friend and thoroughly enjoyed myself there.  Just wish it wasn't so dang gum hot.

Finished my day with a quick mountain bike ride up at Saratoga Gap. I had put a new tire (Kenda Nevegal) on the front of the Superlight and mmmmm... I am very happy with it.  Much bitier than the Mavic Crossmarks (race XC tire) that came stock with the bike and fully restored my confidence in riding again.  I had gotten kind of gun-shy after my front end washed out in some sand at Skeggs a couple of weeks ago.  Sun was setting on me fast though so no chance to pull the sketchbook out but I got some fun photos I intend on working from in the future.

Picked up Grey after the ride and had a fun evening with him.  He apparently likes to sit on my tummy and jump up and down while I do sit-ups.  Kind of like a goofy laughing medicine ball I guess. :-D

He's been getting chattier and chattier every day and his vocabulary never fails to astound me.  I have to kind of watch my language now because he is fully able to mimic anything I say now.  A personal favorite of his is Oh DANG.  At I got him off Oh crap!  Thank goodness that was short-lived.  I hope....

Anyways, here's pages 78, 79, and 80!  and a few beyond. Hoping to reach 120 by the end of the next 3 weeks:

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  1. Strong work, Ed. I'm really impressed by all of the sketches you've been posting lately.